Under The Influence

DUI Defense  

If arrested for Driving Under the Influence there many defense strategies available.

Our law firm can investigate your DUI arrest to see if the police violated any procedures. If they did, we could often get the charges reduced, or the case dismissed.

Your DUI defense lawyer can challenge the results of breathalyzer tests, blood alcohol concentration tests (BAC) or other sobriety tests.

Strategic Precision

When charged with multiple offenses that stem from a single indecent DRS Law will defend your case with precision. 

Even if your charges are mixed (Misdemeanors as well as Felonies), or governed by different levels of Court (Municipal and Superior Court)  we will endeavor to have you sentenced to all of your charges in one Court proceeding. 

Additionally, we will have charges withdrawn,  or amended to a lower or lesser Charge which will dramatically increase a favorable outcome.   

We will protect your driving privileges.

If this is your first offense, second offense, third offense or more, you will want a defense attorney who will work hard to limit the consequences of your arrest.